#PubPriBridge conversations take many forms and lead to new and unexpected places in the vast panorama of educational discussion. Here we try to track some of this branching and leafing.

June 7, 2014: Exciting news!

Together with Karen Aka, John Chubb, Pam Moran, and Diana Smith, the #PubPriBridge founders have submitted a proposal for a one-hour session on the #PubPriBridge theme to the National Association of Independent Schools for its 2015 Annual Conference in Boston:

Here are the title, description, and FAQs from our submission:

Sharing Visions: Bringing Public and Independent School Educators Together

Independent school-public school partnerships proliferate, but there remains a dearth of opportunities for classroom and school-level educators from across the K-12 spectrum to gather together, to speak of shared practices and shared concerns, and above all to break through whatever barriers of stereotype or perception impede our collective capacity to serve all children well. Based on a common desire to bring about more direct and candid engagement of teachers across all educational realms, the presenters, founders of the #PubPriBridge chat and website, will be joined by colleagues from the public sector to explore the view from here and model the opportunities such dialogue can create. Join us in to explore new paths to inter-sector dialogue and to share ideas on how we might all contribute to the larger national conversation on the advancement of education.

  • What might independent school educators hope to learn from greater participation in national and global conversations on education?
  • What barriers, real and imagined, stand between the realm of independent school educators and the world of public education? How might these barriers be removed?
  • How can we as independent school educators open more channels of authentic dialogue between ourselves and our public school colleagues?

And here’s what we think makes our submission “new and different” for this event:

This workshop will engage participants in a vision of learning, leading, and innovation that extends beyond the boundaries of our classrooms and campuses to bring the NAIS community into direct dialogue with the larger educational community. It is a reminder that our shared calling and commitment is not just to our own students but to all children and, indeed, to the future of humanity. This workshop is not about developing partnerships but about modeling and exploring the development of deeper relationships.

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